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Birthdate:Feb 23
Name: Eiri "Yuki" Uesugi
Age: Physically, 23. Spiritually, dead.
Status: Pissed.
Orientation: If it's pretty, I'll f*** it... if that's what you wanted to know.
Religion: Buddhist
Location: Far away from you…
Hobbies: I enjoy binge drinking, chain smoking, sleeping, f***ing and being left alone. I write a little in-between so I can give my dick a bit of a breather.

I'm Eiri Yuki... romance novelist... Nice to meet you. "Insert other fake/pleasant greetings." I'm sure the pleasure is all yours.

I'm 23 years old, the middle child in my family though I try to distance myself from those overbearing pains-in-the-asses as much as I can. I have a nagging older sister who doesn't know how to mind her own f***ing business, a freeloading younger brother, and a crazy old man who I'm pretty sure will live forever just to spite me.

I'm a bastard. Get over it. Don't like it? Then I'd suggest you leave now. But, to prove I'm a good guy I'll give you a piece of advice. If you don't want to get yourself killed, you should probably stay away from mercedes, sle's, and SAAB cabriolets. Because if you get in front of me, I'll probably hit you and then back up over you for good measure. The less morons in this world, the better. I'm sure no one would miss you.


So what and who is Uesugi ‘Yuki’ Eiri? He is a 23 year old romance novelist. He’s devilishly good looking, with a tongue and personality that could poison a person with one bite. He makes it clear to everyone that he doesn’t need them, and that he would prefer it they all left him alone. He’s a heavy drinker, a chain smoker, sleeps with loads of woman, and loves to eat strawberry cakes. The poor young man hardly ever gets any sleep, he’s too busy finishing his manuscripts to give to his editors.

But, you know, you would think a man so good at writing romance novels would be a softie at heart. Nope. He makes it clear that he finds love to be a useless emotion, though it’s obvious this hardness is all a put on for his own protection. Eiri is terribly sensitive, though not all of the cruel coldness about him is an act. Much of it is in response to a lifetime of sensitivity.

Eiri was born in Kyoto, Japan. He’s fully Japanese, but he was born with blonde hair and gold eyes. He looked American and as a kid, Eiri was made fun of a lot for his features, and that was one of the reasons that Tohma (his brother-in-law) took him to New York where Eiri met a young Yuki Kitazawa, who would love him, and also ruin the rest of his life in one night of drunkenness.

It’s this very past that haunts Eiri still. So much so that Eiri has mental problems… yes, BIG ones. Like bipolar, heavy medication sort of mental problems. He can be very, very cruel to people, and doesn’t often think twice to tell someone that he hates them.


• I rp with whoever I feel like. Just because I rp with you doesn't mean I do it with you alone. SO, don't get possessive and claim my ass. You'll be sadly mistaken. Though I do have a few favorite pets. *smirk*
• Don't start drama. I don't deal. I'll get rid of you without question.
• I'm an older rper and sometimes I just can't handle playing with someone too much younger than me. Don't get offended by it. It just makes me feel weird super weird and creepy.
• Just because Eiri can be sexual doesn't mean I'll always do smut. Nor does it mean I'm automatically going to do so even if I'm flirty. Eiri flirts with a lot of people. So, know that now.
• Don't irk me, I'll just ignore or delete you.
• I can get busy in real life but I check up even if I can't respond right away. I'll answer when I feel a muse, so don't get on me about how fast I'm responding. I work full time and go to school. This is my relaxation. Don't make it a chore.
• Don't come at me with your emo shit. Want to kill yourself? Tch. Go right ahead. I'm not a damn therapist. Go hunt down a damn Hiro or Shu if you're into that kind of shit. (Basically, I can't do overly dramatic people.)
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